Will Artificial Intelligence replace the creative content writing industry?

Will Artificial Intelligence replace the creative content writing industry?

As AI (artificial intelligence) becomes more powerful, we’re seeing a new wave of applications appear that may one day replace humans. This includes the creative industry, including website design, logo design and even copywriting. 

Copywriting is an indispensable part of every advertisement and online post – but could AI take its place?

As technology improves, AI will become more advanced and so will the quality of the work produced by it. And we are seeing this rapidly change on an almost daily basis.

Can AI fully replace copywriters?

I have found that there are SEO tools out there that try to replace humans being creative, but ultimately it’s the human who can rise above all of the data because they’re able to listen to their gut instinct. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is a huge field that has been advancing greatly year after year (like for example Siri or Alexa), but unfortunately no technology is currently able to fully automate writing for products. While we may see some magic in the future, I personally think we still have a long way to go before we see anything like AI-powered and fully automated copywriters and content production. 

I’m not the only one who favors this position: according to Forbes, “While much of the excitement around AI is driven by tangible outcomes, what happens behind the scenes must also be considered. Automation of processes can help executives achieve efficiencies of scale, but they come at a cost.” That being said, all is not lost! There are still many things you can do to improve your processes so you can focus on creating better work instead of just working on it.

The truth is, both emotions and cognitive processes govern the way you think. In a 2012 study, researchers found that both emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence use the same neural systems for integrating processes and making decisions – one doesn’t have precedence over the other.

This might be shocking but it IS possible to emulate empathy with AI. I don’t think robots will ever completely replace real, human interaction. If you were planning on marrying a robot though, you’re gonna need some serious therapy! No judgment.

But there are a number of specific reasons why copywriting is still one of the highest paid freelance jobs around.

People know that copywriting is a thing, but not many people know how much good copywriting can impact their business and help it grow like never before. A lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners make the mistake of thinking that cheap and generic content on their websites is good enough to cover the basics, only to realize later on down the line that they had overlooked such an important aspect which could have potential customers make a quick exit without even knowing what storytelling might be.

Some of the most talented copywriters have the ability to speak about a variety of topics that not everyone is familiar with. Sometimes, people hire someone who’s a master of a certain subject. They relate concepts to our everyday lives in an effort to help us understand what they are trying to communicate more clearly. For example, copywriters have the ability to translate business jargon into ways that regular folks can comprehend.

Every brand needs good copywriting.

A brand is like an extended platform for your company or product. It gives you more than just a nameless entity in the marketplace. Your brand will give you more than just one look on your products. But most importantly, it will help strengthen what it is that you’ll be selling. And while this may seem like something fairly easy to come up with on your own, many companies often keep on questioning themselves during their branding process. If this sounds like you, then it’s important that you remember to take into consideration some simple yet crucial pieces of advice during this time!

It’s important to create a brand voice that engages and resonates with your audience and one that listeners will always remember. Achieving this comes down to creating a marketing strategy that speaks directly and creatively to your customers – which often speaking is done through copywriting. That, my friends, is where we come in!

Copywriters need to be more than just creative and strategic. In some cases, they also have to speak the language of the page on which their message is being shared. That’s what designers do – they understand fully all aspects of a landing page or a sales piece and make sure copywriters use the right language on those pages.

Don’t Think Your Content Strategy Can Survive Without Copywriting

The search engine market has changed a lot in the past decade. Ever since Google began responding to user-pays searches, users have increasingly sought specific results rather than settling for box numbers or paid ads. This means that your success depends more on what you offer your site visitors rather than how fast you can get to them! That said, it’s important to remember that creating content that targets keywords is not all there is. This type of content must also be compelling enough to convince users to stay on your site long enough to want to read through everything you have to offer. Don’t forget about Copywriting!

A recent survey conducted suggests that ninety percent of businesses use content marketing to promote with. Content marketing is a lot less expensive than conventional methods and is extremely effective if done correctly.

But as amazing as content marketing can be, it takes a lot of work to do it correctly. It’s not as easy as just outsourcing your content, or pushing a button that says “create 500 blog posts a minute” to churn out heaps of written, visual and even auditory material for your business to use.

Without strategy behind your content, then you end up producing a lot of material that has little value to it. Having a clear idea of what your marketing aims to achieve in the long run, will help ensure that when all the content you create throughout this process is combined, you will end up with something of great value for your business brand and sales.


What you might not have realized is that this entire article was 100% written using a sophisticated, yet very affordable, piece of software designed to generate coherent and engaging web content. It only took a few minutes to write, with a bit of guidance from a creative specialist.

At the moment, AI is still unable to produce polished content just like humans can. As a result, there will always be a need for human research and writing teams for strategic marketing campaigns, particularly across multiple channels.

However, if you need affordable content writing solutions, such as website page content, blogging, brochures, product descriptions, SEO meta-tags or even e-books, talk to the team at Smartfish.

We provide affordable content and copywriting solutions for small to medium businesses.

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