Why web designers add a web link in the footer of your website

If you’ve just had a new website built, you might find that the web developer has added a link back to their own website in the footer of your website.

While most website owners don’t mind the link, some feel it is just a way of the web designer advertising their services and either ask for the link to be removed or will remove it themselves.

In actual fact, the link is not merely a link added to promote the web designer at all, but in fact can be a critical factor in helping your website rank faster and better.

See, a good website designer will usually feature their clients websites on their portfolio, creating a link back to your website. Most web designers also work very hard on their own search engine optimisation to ensure they rank well on Google to drive new clients to them, which means they will already have a good presence on Google. If they also have a high ranking, say on the first page when you type in ‘Sunshine Coast Web Design’, this will mean they have a high authority ranking with Google.

So in theory, of you have a backlink back to their website and vice versa it will usually assist in the value of your new website on Google and help your website get accepted faster.

Think of your website as the new kid at a new school. When no one knows you it can be hard to get accepted by your peers. But if you have someone that is knows and respected by their peers already and they take you under their wing then you’ll usually find that by their authority you gain acceptance much quicker.

So for the sites that have the link on their website and decide to remove it, it could be costing you some valuable rankings on Google, and visitor traffic.

Of course, if your website developer does not rank very well themselves, then it will probably have no benefit for your own website, and also means you probably should have chosen a web developer that ranks well to begin with!

Backlinks are essential in gaining traction on Google, and you don’t need a lot of backlinks to achieve a good ranking, however you do need to choose your backlinks carefully, and if someone with a good ranking and authority are happy to give you a helping hand with a quality backlink, it is worth accepting it!

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