Why quality website content is so important

Almost every successful business now realises the importance and value of their website and the amount of income that is generated by new and existing customers that have found their website online.

On average, most websites these days account for over 75% of all enquiries for most business owners, with potential customers finding them online first before calling them.

Gone are the days of Yellow Pages directories, with Google accounting for around 90 percent of all new business searches.
Even press ads barely scrape in as a reliable new-business source these days, unless you are a retail business.

Online advertising is also much more affordable than many other services available when it comes to marketing your business, but the only downside of being found online is that Google only has ten first page positions if you are hoping on a free organic ranking, and very rarely does anyone search past the first page when it comes to finding a service they need.

Sure, you can pay to be on the first page of Google, but over a period of time that will most likely cost you much more than what you paid for the website itself, and you pay for every click, not just those that turn into an actual enquiry. Unless you have a smart online marketing strategy to backup your Pay Per Click campaign to capture all leads, you often find yourself spending money without a decent return on investment.

But there are a number of simple things to do to ensure you are on the first page of Google for the search terms you want and the services you provide:

  1. Quality website content is king. Adding fresh, unique content of value for your audience, including blog posts affirms you as an authority in your niche, and will help elevate you to a first page ranking on Google if you do this frequently.
  2. Backlinks. Backlinking to other sites of high authority and relevancy will help lift your authority ranking. You don’t need a heap of back links, but just ones of high quality with a good page rank.
  3. Social Media marketing. Marketing and sharing your business and services to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will not only assist with brand awareness and gain new followers, but also gives you a direct backlink to some of the most valuable websites in the world. regular sharing of content will see your own rankings increase over time.
  4. Online PR Marketing. Utilising online marketing services, you can reach a much wider audience by having your blog posts promoted in major online publications such as NY Times, Huff Post, etc. This is a paid service, however the value you will gain from the backlinks from these high authority sites is better than traditional paid advertising.
  5.  Search Engine Optimisation. Ensure your content is regularly search engine optimised on your website to provide Google with as much information as possible about your business. If you are adding posts regularly make sure you also add a good description, title and add tags and descriptions to your images.

Utilise these simple tips regularly, and of course review your Google Analytics to see your changes. I also recommend using a software package such as SEO Profiler to not only see what your competitors are doing, but it provides an audit and ranking update to show you where you need to fine tune your website and how you are currently ranking for particular keyword search results.

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