Top 9 Web Design Trends in 2021 to improve your website

Creating a website these days can be exhilarating with so many different website page builders and features that make creating a website actually more fun than hard work .But it’s no small task to make sure your visitors have the best first impression and engage with you.

Regardless of your industry, you’ll want to follow the golden rules of website design: make it easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and include all the relevant information needed to tell your story. Above all, don’t forget that your website design process should be inspiring. And with so many great examples around us, how can we not?

Web design in the future will push the boundaries of what we currently know by introducing new tools and technologies to create original, creative aesthetics.

Starting from the following trends, check around and find inspiration to make your website stand out before 2020.

01. Asymmetric layouts

Learning how to make a website is always about understanding the importance of symmetry. Symmetry allows you to create an order that lets your user know what they are seeing and where it fits in relation to other elements on the page.

Asymmetric layouts present a different set of advantages: the results are more dynamic and daring, and they give you more freedom of design. It’s a common misconception that asymmetry is synonymous with a lack of balance, so don’t let an asymmetric website layout discourage you. Every website can have visual balance regardless of symmetry.

Visual harmony can be achieved with an asymmetric layout by imagining the weight of each element on your page. Take into account color, size, and movement before arranging the composition. If you need help mastering this web design trend on your website, you can always choose a template that uses an asymmetric design.

02. Minimalist or maximalist extremes

In 2021, the internet will be full of extremes. Minimalism and maximalism have both had their time in the spotlight individually, but this year it looks like they’ll share the stage.

Great web design thrives on simplicity, removing any unnecessary design elements. But this lifestyle can still have a strong impression with audiences. When these principles are applied correctly to your website’s design, attractive results could be attained that are also supported by an enjoyable user experience.

Website design has significantly changed over the past decade.

In the wake of an obsession with brutalist websites – a youthful design trend which exhibits a lack of concern for comfort and order – we’re seeing leftover sentiments played out in less aggressive ways. Maximalist website design in 2021 will emphasize a no-holds-barred approach that values creative expression over order.

People are increasingly embracing a design trend that leads to an overwhelming customer experience. Put some boundaries in place so your customers stay engaged and find the information they’re looking for with less difficulty.

03. Using Videos as design elements

For website design, videos are nearly ubiquitous – so much so that they’ve become a vital part of any online promotion.

Recently, videos have taken over as new design elements in web page layout. How? We’re glad you asked!

With the development of new technologies, integrating videos into your website can provide a variety of ways to play them and create various designs. The VideoBox plugins for WordPress are an easy way to incorporate these tools in your page’s design.

One of the most innovative features of VideoBox is our revolutionary video mask, which allows you to cut different shapes and designs out of your videos. This can be used to add animated elements to your website that bring energy and movement.

Videos typically can’t make transparent backgrounds while maintaining high quality, but this innovative solution shows it isn’t an issue anymore.

The collection of videos created by expert professionals from around the world can be customized and placed anywhere on your site.

04. Vector art

Adding graphics to your website is a great way keep visitors captivated. This isn’t always an easy objective when achieving web design quality, so vector art may be practical solution. The SVG format of the graphics allows for loading-time optimization with quick reducing and enlarging of scale images without affecting their original graphic good quality.

The availability of thousands of vector art files leads us to predict the increasing presence of these illustrations on web page designs in 2021. Whether you go for a maximalist or minimalist design, or something in between, you’ll likely find a file that can be easily customized for your needs. If not, you can always upload one yourself.

05. Shapes and abstract designs

Abstract shapes and plain colors will have a powerful presence on websites this year. You might think that shapes are too basic to be considered an independent design element, but simple forms can act like small accessories. Simple shapes may be pinned to your screen or could act as part of the background in order to create color, balance, frame content, or help text stand out.

It’s worth investing in great images for your WordPress site as they can really help to stand out from the crowd. Designs that are original and unique often work best so think about what you want to say to your customers before you start sketching out ideas.

06. Animation

With animation becoming a popular feature of web design in recent years, it’s here to stay. That’s good because the possibilities for website animations keep getting better.

Creating animations for your website can attract visitors to stay on the page. The animations we use today are very easy and affordable to produce, even if you haven’t created any before.

While you might be focused on aesthetics, do not neglect your conversion rate optimization. One way to do this is through trigger animations.

This type of animation changes within the app depending on a user’s action and details like its colors, shape or speed could all be altered. For instance let’s say you use this with call-to-action button. And when they see it moving in unpredictable ways, chances of them clicking goes up!

07. Black and pastel colors

More website designs are being created with a calming presence in mind. One way to create this look is by using pastel colors for your site.

Soft pastels will relax visitors on your website. You can also mix unique colors from within the pastel family that create a cozy experience for your site’s audience.

Other sites will be employing black color schemes in 2021, and research shows that it creates a sleek classic appearance.

In 2021, it’s more than just a pretty picture. Black colors schemes – similar to pastels – are easy on the eyes because they have lower contrast.

If you want to design your site this way, there are a few color schemes to choose from – monochromatic black and white, with just dark backgrounds for the whole page. Alternatively, you can use bright colors selectively on different parts of the page to highlight them.

08. Accessibility

An accessible website is one that anyone can navigate, regardless of individual ability.

To make your website accessible to nearly 1 billion people in the world who rely on accessibility features, use these best WordPress SEO techniques for sites even for novices.

Adding color and contrast to your design, using large fonts with sharp edges, and providing a text description for images will help people navigate your website.

A well-designed site should be inclusive for all visitors, not just the audience it’s catered to. For example, if an alt text on every image doesn’t add anything new to the context of a page even though there are images that don’t provide any value, that might be a sign that those images belong elsewhere and need reassessment in order to improve the overall user experience.

09. Scroll effects

As developers have gotten better at designing delightful scrolling experiences, the demand for parallax effects has grown. We’ll see how interactive value and slick layout can be used to create websites that draw in users and keep them coming back.

Creating a website is like having your own inter-active world to live in, and parallax scrolling techniques provide a fun way for visitors to explore. Here’s how you can inject animations into your site and create an engaging experience.

Scrolling through a website, such as to read an article, is designed to engage and entice a viewer. Scroll effects can be implemented on webpages that take viewers from one direction to another in three dimensions (zoom-in/zoom-out) or two dimensions (horizontal scrolling).

With these trends in mind, when planning your website, you’ll find you can do so much more with your website at no real additional cost, and you’ll have the best site in your niche!

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