The value of a professional logo design

It’s no secret that in front of every successful business is a professional logo design.

In fact, for many businesses, the logo is quite often the first image of the business or the product that people see that identifies it from the competition. Take for instance Apple, Nike, Cocoa-Cola, or McDonalds.

These are some of the most recognizable brands in the world and yet, their logos are among the simplest designs imaginable. In truth, they could quite easily have been designed by anyone with a basic knowledge of typography and common sense. Yet, how many other business owners take the time to create a simple, clean and compelling logo for their business? Do very few business owners even understand the power of a good simple logo design? I think not.

The problem with many business owners is they don’t see the true value of their logo. They will easily spend thousands of dollars a year on their Starbucks coffee, or their Dyson vacuum cleaner, or that fancy Audi, yet they cringe at the thought of spending money on a brand that adds value to their business. Now, think about this last sentence and the brands I just mentioned in it….Starbucks, Dyson, Audi… all brands that everyone would identify their logo within a couple of seconds. Starbucks don’t make the best coffee…but they do have a brand that people identify with when it comes to coffee, so when you see that Starbucks logo in the distance you’re happy to go and spend money with them.

However it is so common to see even established businesses either try and design their own logo on websites such as Canva, or employ logo contest sites such as 99 designs to create a logo for them, that it makes me wonder if they really understand the power of a good simple logo design.

See, the thing about a professional ‘simple’ logo design created by a designer is that there is usually a lot of though process and research that has gone into creating the design. They didn’t just grab some pre-designed clip art, changed the colour, added some text, and is your logo.

A good logo and brand designer learns about your business, your audience, general demographics, your point of difference, and what your product or service is, and then they morph this information into a design that becomes the iconic primary brand image that represents your business.

It’s more than just pretty pictures, catchy words and well-placed colors… no… a great logo is all these things, plus it is an accurate reflection of your business. An accurate physical representation of your business.

The truth is, you cannot spend too much on your logo and brand. It is the core of your business. You can spend as much or as little as you wish on everything else about your business, but your logo and brand should always be the mainstay of your business. It should be the “core” upon which all other aspects of your business are built.

A good logo will always be remembered and cherished long after the product has been forgotten. It is the mark that gives an organization its identity and makes it instantly recognizable. A good logo should also be simple, memorable and appealing. It should be able to be reduced to one or two words if necessary. In truth, a good logo does not necessarily have to be complex; it just has to be effective!

So if you are considering a new logo for your business or company, first consider the true value of that brand before considering cutting corners. It is easily one of the best investments in your business you will ever make, and if done correctly your logo will earn back its value thousands of times over.

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