The simple strategy to double your website visitor traffic

For any business in today’s world, a website is essential, and probably your most important first point of contact.

With almost 70% of all initial business service and product sales starting with an online search, the majority of these via Google, without a website you almost have no business.

But of course, to get the traffic to your website, unless you are spending a packet on paid marketing campaigns, you need to be ranking well on Google to drive the visitors to your site.
With only ten first page positions on Google, excluding the paid advertising spots, achieving a top ranking can be hard, right?. After all, who ever looks at the second page of Google!

But there is one very simple strategy that the majority of website owners don’t implement, which can double your traffic by getting you that first page ranking, and anyone can do it.

If you have a website built in WordPress, which the majority of sites are these days, you already have the main element ready and waiting. It is called a ‘blog’.

Blogging is one of the key ingredients today to achieve a top Google ranking, and all it takes is a slight ability to be able to write some 300 to 400 word articles on a regular basis, and post them on your website’s blog, more or less.

But there is a little strategy and planning required to make this work effectively, and understanding why you need to blog is the first step….

See, Google dislikes spammy sites…the ones that are filled with the same keywords throughout the site that you could once get away with, but not any more. Google now wants content of value and substance. Writing a short essay on how good your product or service is doesn’t cut it. You need to write information that makes you a leader in your field. This is called ‘Authority Content’.

By regularly writing a short article about say the benefits of your product, how to fix something, three facts about…and so on, which relate to your services will establish you as an authority in your field, as well as provide Google with value for its readers. In return it rewards you over your competitors that are just taking advantage of Google to list their business, which Google pushes down the rankings in the hope they will spend money on paid advertising instead.

the secret sauce is not just in the quality of the articles you are writing, but also the consistency. Don’t go writing and posting 4 articles all in one day and then nothing for two months. It is better to post the 4 articles out at say one a week, or maybe one a day, depending on what you feel comfortable with on a consistent level, and you’ll notice after a handful of articles Google will give you access to the ‘express lane’, so that your posts appear on their results literally within minutes of you posting them. But you need to prove yourself first to get to this level.

See, each time you post an article on your website it pings Google and tells it that something has been changed on your site, prompting Google to come back and crawl your site again. An active site is more likely to climb to the top, particularly with quality content, than your competitors that are snoozing with nothing to offer.

If you have your Google Analytics account linked to your website, give blogging a go for a couple of months and keep an eye on your Analytics and watch your traffic grow! You’ll probably be amazed at how quickly your traffic doubles, as well as your business enquiries!

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