Your website is your most powerful marketing tool for promoting the Sunshine Coast tourism industry!

The Sunshine Coast is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia for tourists, with hundreds of thousands of visitors flocking to the region every year from all over Australia and the rest of the world.

The internet has become the number one tool for increasing tourism, with websites, social media and email marketing allowing tourist operators affordable tools to not only reach a much greater audience on a global scale, but to also ensure that all their marketing is 100% trackable.

Numerous free tools such as Google Analytics now allow people in the tourism industry to view not only how many people visit their websites, but how old they are, what their gender is, where they are from, even what their interests are, and then use this information to promote their services directly to this target audience via social media, online offers and email marketing campaigns.

Smartfish are one of the leading tourism marketing and graphic design agencies based on the Sunshine Coast. In fact, Chris Bourke, manager of Smartfish Creative, is a born and bred Sunshine Coast local, who has been in the Sunshine Coast tourism marketing industry for over 20 years, designing hundreds of brochures and websites for the Sunshine Coast accommodation industry, and developing iconic logos for the Sunshine Coast, including the Sunshine Coast Regional Airport and a number of tourism attractions located on the Coast.

Our local knowledge means we not only know the target audience, but we know the Sunshine Coast tourism marketing trends and for the past two decades, and also closely track all the major tourism websites to provide valuable information for our clients own marketing campaigns.

Some of our tourism marketing services we provide include:

Online Tourism Strategies

At Smartfish we have the tools to allow us to track your major competitors, as well as analyse your own online marketing such as websites, booking forms, email marketing and social media, and then work on an online tourism campaign that works!
All our services generate reports in real time, so you can track the progress of your online marketing strategies and see what works best.

Local SEO for Tourism Marketing

Tourism search engine optimisation is our speciality! We can help get your website ranking specifically to capture your target audience, and put your Sunshine Coast business on the map! Our specially developed tourism marketing SEO tools allow us to track the trends in tourism marketing and view exactly where your website audience is coming from, and show you how to generate more traffic through your website with local search engine optimisation techniques designed for the tourism industry.

Tourism Sales Funnels

Is your website getting the visitors but not getting the sales? We can provide an analysis of your website at no cost and show you exactly how to create the best sales funnels on your website, social media and email campaigns to drive more income to your tourism related business.

Online Tourism Booking Systems

Smartfish Creative develop tourism websites with online booking services built in, which allow your customers to book accommodation or tours online directly through your website, at no extra cost.
You don’t need to be paying a monthly or annual fee for a tourism booking form on your website when you can have your own set up with no ongoing costs!
Did you know almost 60% of all tourism bookings are now done with a mobile device? We build mobile-friendly booking forms to ensure you don’t miss a single booking!

Mobile Responsive Tourism Websites

Yes, it’s true, around 60% of all tourism bookings for the Sunshine Coast come from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and this is expected to rise to around 75% within a few years.
While many of the major tourism booking sites are still not mobile-friendly, we can build a website for your business that is 100% compatible from any computer or mobile device.
A mobile tourism website also can increase your Google rankings over a site that is no-mobile responsive.
If your Sunshine Coast tourism website is not mobile-friendly you could be losing thousands of bookings every year!

Tourism Email Marketing

Many Sunshine Coast tourism operators just don’t have time to manage email marketing, but email marketing is one of the best forms of tourism marketing available, and it’s very cost effective, and 100% trackable.
You can tell exactly how many times your email was opened, and by whom, how many times they clicked on a particular article, how many times they shared your email etc. You can also easily drive email newsletter signups direct from your website or Facebook page.
Smartfish can manage all your Sunshine Coast tourism email marketing campaigns for you, and provide regular reports so you can track the success of each campaign.

Online Tourism Marketing training and Coaching

Would you like to know how to manage your own online tourism marketing, or tourism SEO?
Smartfish provide one on one tourism marketing coaching and provide all the tools to track your competitors online rankings, and then show you how you can get the advantage.
We not only provide tourism marketing training, but we also manage a number of our own tourism directories throughout the Sunshine Coast and Queensland, so we can show you how to get the best results and manage it yourself and save dollars!

So for all your Sunshine Coast online tourism marketing services, talk to the team at Smartfish Creative. We know tourism marketing!