Social Media Tips to 10X your followers

Social Media is a major part of every business strategy these days. Even for ‘Bricks N Mortar’ businesses social media plays a huge part in brand awareness, and if you have a website, your social media presence can improve your rankings due to your authority ranking due partly to your social media activity.

But this will only work if you have a social media strategy in place, which many businesses don’t, yet creating one which suits your business takes just a few minutes and if done correctly can easily 10X your followers, shares and visitors to your website.

Here are a few simple steps to improve your social media position…

  1. Ensure your Social Media Branding is consistent.
    Your social media branding, such as logo, and even profile text should reflect that of your website, your business signage, and any other presences, offline or online, that you have. People need to be able to easily recognise your business, particularly if it is being shared by others amongst their followers.
  2. Ensure your Bio/description is SEO friendly
    Any content you write online has the potential to be searched by Google. By ensuring your Bio and business overview on any social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or google+ need to mention your services and your website address to ensure that if someone does a search on Google they may possibly come across your social media when searching for the services they require, regardless on if they know your business or not. Adding a website link to your Bio also means you are getting a backlink directly back to your own site from one of the most influential sites in the world, potentially lifting the authority level of your website.
  3. When to Post
    This is where many businesses fail…not posting at the correct time. Social Media moves fast, so you need to post at the best times to capture your audience. For example, if you run a recruitment agency or a travel site, Sunday evening and Monday morning is when people are dreaming of a new job or a holiday! Many people are sitting in front of their televisions Sunday evening, with iPad in hand, searching. If you review your Google Analytics, which every business should weekly, you’ll notice the spikes in traffic for particular days and even hours when your audience is online. Use this information to launch your social media campaigns. Using software such as Hootsuite you can schedule your posts to go out at the exact correct moment, getting the maximum results.
  4. Who to Follow
    The best way to grow a strong audience fast is to target the audience you want. Again, using Hootsuite you can easily follow tags and particular pages which relate to your business, and see who follows them. By simply clicking on the follower’s profile you can see how many followers they have and see if they are relevant to your business. Like one or two of their posts, particularly if it is Instagram, and then follow them. There is a good chance they will return the favour, and in many cases it will draw a number of their own followers to your profile, converting other similar followers.
  5. Reach out
    The great thing about social media is it gives you the ability to reach the ‘un-reachable’. People like Tony Robbins, Ruslan Kogan, and Richard Branson are literally a click away, and while you may not always receive a reply from them, you have the opportunity to connect and message them. You’ll be surprised who answers and the connections you can make very simply. But you’ll find you need to be active on social media for them to show an interest.
  6. Get Active!
    Social Media takes effort, and like any marketing, if you’re not doing it regularly you won’t get results. Post regularly, at least twice a day, don’t hard sell…post about things people can relate with, share your life, and reach out and connect and like what they share. After all, it is a ‘social network’. Get active and act social! Set a plan on an Excel spreadsheet for what you plan on posting for each day across each social network. For example, Instagram is a visual network, so find images which your audience can relate to. If it is a Friday, mention your weekend, or how great your Friday is. Post fun things. If it is a mid week post, maybe share something to help them get through the week. If you can relate to your audience and make it entertaining it builds trust and quickly grows your following. And most importantly, keep it consistent. Don’t post 5 things in one day and then not for another week. Space them out so people get used to your consistency.

You’ll find these simple tips will help you grow your targeted audience quickly without costing a cent!

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