SEO vs Adwords – Which is better?

For many businesses, their website is a primary source of their business traffic, and one of the most affordable forms of marketing available.

When you compare the cost of other marketing means, such as Yellow Pages, Press Ads, TV or radio, none provide the reach that your website will, and the beauty of online is it is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Of course, to get the most benefit from your website you still need to promote it, and two of the most beneficial ways to achieve this is either with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Google Adwords PPC (Pay per click) marketing.

Both work well, but which one is really better value?

While on one hand, Pay Per Click marketing allows you to advertise your business and only pay when someone clicks on them. They also provide high exposure on Google and other Google-related network sites, with retargeting added, so your advertisements will follow the targeted audience around after they have viewed your site or carried out a search on Google for a product relating you your marketing.

The downside to Adwords though is that it can be quite pricey, with an average click costing anywhere between .75 cents to $5 per click, and that won’t guarantee you a sale.

Also, once your daily Adwords budget is up, your ads disappear.

So if you are running a $20 per day campaign, which is on average quite small, that equates to around 15 clicks per day. So approximately $600 for 450 clicks, depending on the value of your search terms/keywords.

On the other hand we have Search  Engine Optimisation (or SEO), where you pay for the service of optimising the website for long term results, not shorter, quick results.

Optimisation should be treated like a workout, where it takes more than one session to see the benefits, and a monthly SEO strategy is recommended to achieve the results you are looking for. Usually it takes a minimum of three consistent months to start seeing tangible results, and around 9 months to get to the point you can possibly drop back your SEO strategy a little if you want to and still see the benefits working for you.

An average monthly SEO strategy plan of a standard size Australian website costs around $400 per month, with an average value of 1400 unique visitors (clicks) after three consistent months.

On average the more affordable SEO strategy will give you three times the results of a higher priced Adwords campaign, but the real comparison is when you turn off your Adwords campaign your traffic also stops flowing, while your SEO traffic will remain steady for some time, even if you pause your SEO services.

The best way to see the true results though is to review your Google Analytics on a weekly basis and see where the majority of your traffic is coming from. If your PPC is costing you dollars but you are receiving less traffic than your organic traffic value, it might be time to reduce your Adwords spend and switch to a monthly SEO plan.

Both are very easy to track in Google Analytics, and you could gain a lot, drive a lot more business, and save a lot all at the same time with a quick review of your analytics.

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