What is the point investing in a nice looking web site to promote your business, if it can’t be found on the search engines?

If your website is not found on the first page of Google, you need Search Engine Optimisation solutions that really work. 

With every web site we create, we ensure it is professionally optimized using the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques, and the latest in SEO software to ensure your web site gets found on the search engines. We don’t charge extra for SEO. We build it into the website strategy on every website we create…


Smartfish analyse your website against your major competitors, providing live reporting on how your website compares to your competitors websites for keyword ranking, Google Adwords, page rank, and even backlinks, so you can get the edge on your competition easily.


These days, ensuring your website is seen by Google as an authority in your niche is critical to a first page listing on Google. Smartfish’s local SEO team increase your authority by creating content and backlinks with only relative reciprocal links to increase your authority.


The free Analytics tools provided by Google is one of the most powerful tools available for tracking your website’s rankings and online campaigns. Ensuring your Analytics are set up correctly to monitor how people found your site, which operating system they used, the search phrase they found you with and which pages they views is critical for your marketing. Smartfish create cost effective Google Analytics set up allowing you to login and even view your results in live time so you can see exactly where visitors are viewing your site from, in real time. We also set up your Analytics reports so you can receive them monthly, an no additional charge.

All our SEO is done locally at our head office in Australia….not offshore, so we ensure and maintain quality and control of all SEO services for the best possible results for our clients. Many of our clients see a 400% + increase in traffic as a result of our regular SEO services.

How Search Engine Optimisation Helps your Website

sunshine-coast-seoWhen it comes to your website being found on Google, there are a number of very important factors to consider. The days of filling your website with the same keyword to rank well have now gone, and in fact while ensuring your website had a good keyword density, overusing the same or similar keyword too many times can penalise your site.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about ensuring your website content and the ‘neighbourhood’ of sites you are linked to are all relative to your business.
This means good quality content, backlinks to sites that have a good reputation and a good relevance to your site or industry, and that your own relevance across all aspects of the internet are strong and supported by social media networks, so that overall your online brand is perceived as the authority in your profession.

While on-page SEO is still relevant to identify what you do, where you are and who you are, your online SEO strategy needs to go beyond this to create an amazing search engine ranking that beats your competitors.

Smartfish also are provide 1-on 1 SEO training for those looking at getting their existing website ranking better on Google.

You’ll find Smartfish are one of the top ranking providers for search engine optimisation training on the Sunshine Coast.
We’ll show you how you can also rank this well!

Find out more about our SEO training services.

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