Putting Nundah apartments on the map with SEO services

These days, marketing your property developments online can mean a huge difference to the success rate of your apartment sales.

With almost 45% of all property investors now using the internet to search for their new property investments, your online strategy is more critical than ever.

While many property development web designers focus on making the site look nice, the developers that are gaining the success are the ones that are really utilising and harnessing the power of  the internet research tools and targeting their global audience the smart way, and monitoring it to see what is really working and what isn’t.

Recently Smartfish Creative were contracted to optimise the new Circa Nundah Apartments in Brisbane.

Like many property websites, as the site didn’t have a lot of content, it was up to some backend strategies to get the site ranking well.

Smartfish’s SEO team carried out our online analysis of the Circa Nundah website as well as it’s major best performing competitors so ensure the Circa Nundah website would be set to rank above the other property developments in the area.

After less than 4 weeks the Circa Nundah website had jumped more than 60 spots for most common search phrases, and within 2 months they were on the first page for almost every major search phrases that property Nundah and Brisbane apartment investors were searching for.

The result created an increase in organic results bringing in increased traffic to the Nundah property site and reducing advertising costs.

Find out more about our online property website SEO services. Contact Smartfish Creative, Brisbane’s property seo specialists.

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