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Personal Stylist Logo Design

Becoming a personal fashion stylist is quickly becoming one of the fastest emerging professions in Australia, following the footsteps of the popular trend and demand for the personal service in the USA and Europe.

While fashion stylists have long been associated with selecting the clothing and accessories for models and celebrities for editorials, television and print advertising, the demand for the personal stylist is now on the rise, educating women on everything from finding the right fashion and accessories and general poise, to assisting them in a mindset change on how to love and embrace their natural assets and feel comfortable and confident in themselves.

The concept logo design for this Personal Stylist was created as a bold confident branding statement that offers the message that like a butterfly, a woman’s true beauty is revealed when they open up to reveal their true colours.

The dark background was selected to represent the darkness from where they started, to the contrasting butterfly that shines brightly after the transformation.

The handwritten font represents the signature personalised service provided, because, as we know, every woman is different and unique in their own way.

Smartfish have worked with fashion stylists, fashion retailers and fashion bloggers in the past to create unique stylised brands for their services.

Concept: Madison Personal Stylist

Services: Logo Design & Branding

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