Applying the Appropriate Logo and Branding Method for Powerpoint Presentations

How much consideration do you put into using fonts, color, and branding components in your PowerPoint presentation? All these are the most crucial components if you want to stand over the opponents.

It’s vital to use the aspects nicely. You wish consistency, and that is why a style manual is important.

In this article, we will show you how to use the elements professionally and tastefully.
See your PowerPoint presentations come to life with these tips….

PowerPoint Presentation Branding: The best way to do it like a Pro is to start With a  style guide.

Inventing a style guide is essential because it guides all of your branding procedures.

Style guides include the type of colours, fonts, shapes, and icons that they could use.

It makes it much easier for viewers to associate such elements with your brand. In addition, it guarantees a simple transition of projects from person to person without quitting the work.

Above all, it reins in exactly what the groups can do in terms of creativity. Not very many businesses have taken the time to come up with clear style guides. There is an overall lack of understanding of the reason they are essential.

Even people who tried to make a single find the procedure rather tough. But for consistency and greater new recognition, it’s something every company should have.

There are certain aspects a style guide covers.

These are:

  • Logo manual – the use and alterations that one may create
  • Colour palette
  • Typography that looks at fonts and how to use them. It covers all, including the usage of upper and lower instances, bolding, and font colour
  • Using imagery

Using Colour in Powerpoint Presentation Branding

With a style manual, you understand the colours that you may use for corporate communication. When picking colors for your PowerPoint slides, consider the next.


Create comparison with PowerPoint backgrounds, graphics, text, and examples. Ensure a smooth blend for consistency. When utilizing premade wallpapers, you may select ones with all the colours that will match and fit the ones in your brand identity.

Pay attention to the color you select for the fonts. They ought to be legible at a distance. Make them stand out by contrasting colours. White font on a dark background, for instance, will increase readability.

Evoke Emotions
Utilize colour psychology to evoke feelings depending upon the takeaway you want your audiences to get.

  • Black can work well for demonstrations surrounding grief and luxury.
  • White is impartial, which makes it a popular solution for most people when working on PowerPoint presentations. This is also commonly employed by tech manufacturers.
  • Green is interactive, hot, and functions well for nature and environmental representation.
  • Orange is warm and brassy.
  • Literary brings feelings of happiness and optimism.
  • Red is a catchy colour; it brings out fire, but please understand the audience first.
  • You need to be cautious about certain colour combinations. Red and green, as an instance, can make your slides look a little too busy, especially when used together as they are from opposite ends of the colour spectrum.

Selecting The Appropriate Fonts For Powerpoint Demo

A key determining factor when deciding on your font is readability. Audiences shouldn’t struggle when trying to make the text out. Pay attention to the following:

Font size for presentations should generally vary from 24 to 30. Anything bigger and folks at the rear of the space won’t have the ability to make it out.

It helps if you understand how big this screen you’ll be making the presentation on.

The audience you are presenting to, to determine the type of font you select.

Top-level executives and other professionals require more rigid or professional fonts.

Younger audiences are usually less rigid, providing you more flexibility with the more ‘fun’ fonts.

Quantity of Fonts
Do not exceed more than three kinds of fonts on your presentation. If you can, stick with two. One needs to be for the titles/headers and the other for the primary body. Your presentation will wind up looking cohesive, having a fantastic flow.

Anything you select must adhere to the readability rule. These include size, contrast with the background, and kind.

Your presentation might not be the very best time to demonstrate how creative you can be. It ends up distracting the audience depending on the sort of font you select. Leave the trendy or decorative fonts for birthdays and wedding invitations.

Utilising logos and brand elements Into Powerpoint Presentations

Among the most important branding components is the logo. You might be wondering whether you should place it on every slide.

Different people have different ideas about this. For some, having the logo on the first slide is sufficient. For others, the more is is used, the better.

The longer the audiences see the logo, the greater the brand recognition opportunity.. On this, it is entirely a personal preference.

There are, however, specific factors you should be thinking about.

The emblem or logo should not control the page, nor be too little, so be cautious about size and placement.
Put it on a single corner of the slide. Don’t use your brand mark for a background of your own slides. It should not distract from anything you are trying to communicate.
Make the most of this color palettes on the design manual to tweak the emblem for good contrast with the background.
If you do not want your logo on each slide, here’s exactly what you should do. Put it on the very first and last slide of your presentation. By getting it in the start and end, you leave an enduring impression.

While we’ve shared a very simple guide on using colour, font, and logos on your PowerPoint presentations, it’s crucial to have a design manual (visual style guide)  for consistency.

It helps audiences build a relationship with your brand. You also receive the point of differentiation from the competition.

There are some amazing PowerPoint templates available that can assist with your layout, on sites such as or Adobe Images, to name just a couple.

The advantage is that you are able to customize them to what you need. It saves time since you don’t have to begin from scratch.

Alternatively, contact Smartfish. We can create the perfect Powerpoint Presentation template for your business and brand.