Local Business is everything.

Improve your local online search results and hit your target every time,
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Be found locally online

If you want local people to find your local business online, you need Local Search SEO.

Local Search SEO optimisation is critical now for any business that wants to be found locally online.

Did you know that Google actually provides different search results if you do the same search from a mobile device, a laptop or a desktop computer.

local seo searchSee, Google is much smarter these days, and it knows if you are searching from a desktop you are not out in your car searching for a business nearby. Sure, it will still provide local results, but not as local as a mobile device.

But while Google is smart enough to know the difference, is your website smart enough to tell Google?

Is your website optimised and submitted to the local business directories?

Do you have results from other locals that give your business credibility?

Smartfish can help with all your local search engine optimisation marketing, from understanding how to get better results with mobile marketing and social media.

We offer a wide range of services and training on Google local search listings, local business seo, local social media marketing, and basically anything you’d expect from a local professional seo specialists!

For more information on how we can help you achieve better local business SEO results, call us on 07 54932001


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