Is your web designer qualified?

It’s a question most business owners forget to ask their potential web developer, but probably one of the most critical if you are planning to let this person or web development company assist you with your online success.

If your web developer qualified?

The scary facts are that around 80{6ec87bd1e1f3c1887cac0a5fe02e293b57e756ae4f7ab2a5ad1b477841e278b1} of web ‘designers’ have little or no actual qualified training in web design, and around 35{6ec87bd1e1f3c1887cac0a5fe02e293b57e756ae4f7ab2a5ad1b477841e278b1} actually outsourcing the website offshore.

And whether this really concerns you or not is up to you, but if you think about the consequences that it could do to your website and your business, it’s worth considering all the facts before choosing your web developer.

For companies that choose the cheap option of sending their websites offshore, the consequences can be disastrous for your rankings. A recent example was when I was providing search engine optimisations for another web development company recently and found they were getting penalised for duplicate content, yet this content was not on the website and was their own content. Now I don’t know what was more of a concern for me – the fact that a web development company didn’t actually know their own site had duplicate content because they didn’t build it, or the fact that their indian development company they used was testing the demo site on a live server in India, which was being found by Google, automatically penalising the real website.

What also concerned me is that this website company didn’t actually understand search engine optimisation, so they had to outsource to me!

Search engine optimisation is as much a part of the website as the hosting. It would be like a builder not knowing what a hammer did, and if your website was your home you were about to invest in, you wouldn’t be hiring that builder!

The other concern with outsourcing to another country is they do it on the cheap, which means cheap labour, but also cheap ethics. You are giving them full access to your web hosting server and site. Do you know if they run any anti-virus, and do they still have any access to your site once development is completed? How safe is your website really?

Sunshine Coast mobile website developers

The fact is, there are so many out there claiming to be web developers when they don’t have the skills or the piece of paper to back up their claim.

Another interesting point is that around 50{6ec87bd1e1f3c1887cac0a5fe02e293b57e756ae4f7ab2a5ad1b477841e278b1} of all web development companies still don’t have a responsive website. Not only does this make their own website look terrible on a smartphone or tablet, but recently there is a lot of talk that Google have actually started penalising websites that are not mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly you could be starting to see a loss in traffic, but for your web developer not to know this and to by now have their own website into a mobile format pretty much screams they don’t know a great deal about the importance of a responsive website.

So before you chose a web developer ensure you ask them the important questions;

1. what degree in web development do they have.

2. Do they understand and implement search engine optimisation into all their websites as standard.

3. Do they have a mobile responsive website, and if not, why not!

4. Do they build their websites locally or outsource to an unknown company overseas.


These are a few simple questions, which can make a huge difference to the outcome of your online success by choosing a professional Sunshine Coast web development company over one that just pretends to be.

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