The 3 Factors to Improve Your Website’s Google Rank

“How do I get found on Google?”

This is probably the most frequently question I am asked, and while there are many factors that will help get your website ranking on Google, usually it comes down to just three main factors…

Value, Authority and Consistency

Sure, there are also a few other key areas you need to look at which will also improve your ranking, particularly the structure of your site to ensure your main call to action is ‘above the fold’ (the visible areas of your site before you scroll), as well as general on-page SEO, such as meta-tags and titles.

And backlinks are over-rated. Some SEO ‘gurus’ will tell you that you need a pile of backlinks to get you ranking well. This is untrue. I have seen websites with as little as 2 backlinks from other sites, that rank in the top search results Australia-wide for their services. Links are above value not volume.

So let’s look at the three core factors to improve your website ranking on Google fast, starting with Value….


The average business website will be about as valuable as a brochure. It usually outlined the services the business provides, information about the company, a contact page and an overview of everything on the homepage. That’s nice and does the job, but it usually won’t get you any brownie points with Google, because it has little value to the visitor. Sure, they now know what you do, where you are and who you are, but what makes you special, and what value do you bring to them?

By adding additional information to your website such as tips on the services you provide, a brochure download, a Facebook page for your community, or sharing useful tips across on local community groups online (again, Facebook), gives your audience ‘value’.

Ensuring the layout of your website is designed so people can see these points of value without scrolling too much will also have a better reaction, lower your bounce-rate, and hopefully if you run a mailing list attached to that downloadable ebook or brochure, you’ll have an instant mailing list that you can start marketing to and share more valuable content to drive them back to your site. Google watches everything, and it knows the value you are offering, and will reward you accordingly.

This leads to the next factor….


Think about authority figures you may be linked to or follow online or in the real world. What makes them an authority? Usually it is a combination of the value they provide and their ability to always be present, attainable and sharing information that will benefit you.

If we think about the world’s best Personal Development Coaches, one name that will probably spring to mind first is Tony Robbins. Is he better than all the other personal development coaches? Not necessarily, he just tends to be more proactive in sharing enormous value consistently, building more followers, giving him greater authority. Follow that pattern of thinking and your website can be the Tony Robbins of the online world for your niche.


Keeping in mind that attaining a good raking on Google should be an important part of your business marketing plan, like any marketing you need to be consistent. If you work hard on your authority level delivering huge value, and then relax you can lose your authority level to a competitor that is working harder than you.

So ensuring consistency in your marketing and delivering value is critical to building authority. For example, publishing three great articles all in one day and then not doing anything for a month has no long term value to anyone. Delivering those same three articles consistently on your website and on social media over three weeks though means that you will have more chance of building followers, getting more pings from Google, and gaining higher authority and ranking.

Follow the three factor rule, become an authority and watch how fast your ranking grows!


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