How to Create & Build the Perfect Brand Identity

Exactly like your personal identity defines you, your brand identity would be the special ingredient of your organisation that sets you apart from every other business, helping to shape your business.

But what precisely is brand identity? And how can you shape a strong brand identity that takes your enterprise to another level?

Brand identity is a group  of elements created for your business to depict the right image to its consumer. Brand identity is different from ‘brand image’ and ‘branding,’ even though those terms are occasionally treated as synonymous.

The term branding refers to the marketing practice of knowingly forming a distinguishing brand. Brand is the perception of the Institution in the eyes of the  consumer.

Your new identity is the thing that gives familiar to your web visitors. Your audience will associate your new identity along with your products or services, and that individuality is what forges the connection between you and your clients, builds customer loyalty, and determines how your prospective clients will perceive your own brand.

Know who you are
Before you know very well what physiological elements you want to make up your brand identity, then you want to know who you’re a new.

Who you are as a brand is Composed of a few key elements:

Your brand personality (if your brand turned into a individual, what kind of personality would they have?)
Your distinctive placement (how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors?)
Your brand voice (How would you be heard and what would your message be)?

These elements are what define your business, and before you begin building your new identity, it is important you have a thorough comprehension of every and every

If you are having trouble figuring out who exactly you are, don’t sweat it. Sometimes, all you need is just a very simple brainstorm to assist you get clarity about who you are being a new.


What you should consider:

  • Why did we start that company?
  • What are values and beliefs which are crucial to us as a company?
  • What do we do better than anyone else?
  • What makes us special or different?
  • If we can clarify our brand in three words, what could they be?
  • What are the three words we’d need our clients to make use of to describe us?

When you have locked in who you are as a brand, then it’s time to create the identity which will bring your brand to life and reveal who matters most: your customers.

Design: the basis of your brand identity

Your corporate design assets would be the concrete elements that will determine how your brand is perceived. Things such as your own logo, your packaging, your internet design, your social media graphics, your own business cards and also the presentation of your team.

Developing your new design
Before you start creating your design assets, you want to start from the ground up, and work from the basic principles of your design structure: the building blocks of one’s brand identity.

These are the building blocks you’ll want to decide on before you create your design assets, which should include:

Typography refers to your font (or type) you opt for your branding materials and marketing. It’s especially important to decide on logo fonts and any other fonts you’ll be using as your primary typefaces for stationery, press ads, web, etc.

Ensure you select a colour palette that accurately reflects your company and the audience you wish to attract.

Colours can make a big statement when it comes to branding, so ensure you select the correct colours that reflect your brand, products or services and also your target audience.

Yellow, the color of sunshine, is about happiness. The cheerful vibe makes it a really good choice if you want to feel fun, accessible and affordable.

A very elastic shade, green may be useful for practically any new brand new. Culturally, though, when people watch green, they think a couple of things: money or nature. If a brand is tied to either of those things, green can be an especially good choice.

The very clinically appealing color within the spectrum, blue will help your branding to appear stable and dependable, if you are seeking to attract a huge demographic–and make them trust you at the procedure –proceed with blue. In addition, it is a excellent color for brands having a luxurious identity.

Brown is perhaps the least usage color in all branding, but this could actually work to your benefit! Any time you do something different, it makes it possible to stand out. Brown may also help people to view your new as hardy or masculine.

Should you want to be looked at as modern or sophisticated, there’s nothing as classic and effective.

Shape and Form
When it has to do with your designs, you want to consider shape and form . This subtle but efficient element  can be used to solidify the desired reaction from your clients: consequently, as an example, a symbol that is all circles and soft borders can inspire a completely different reaction in the logo that is square and sharp.

Here’s how distinct types can shape your brand identity:

Round shapes like circles, ovals, and ellipses, are about the warm and fuzzies. Brands which feature round shapes may create feelings of unity, community and love. The rounded borders can be seen as feminine. The no-nonsense lines create an atmosphere of stability and trustworthiness, however, you need to be careful: if the contours are not balanced out with some fun interesting, like lively colours, they are able to feel impersonal and fail to contact your own customers.

Directly lines have their particular consequences: vertical lines imply masculinity and strength while horizontal lines imply relaxation and mellow vibes.

Designing your new identity

When you have figured out the foundation of your design, it’s time to make use of a designer to bring your new identity to life and also translate who you are as a new in to tangible design assets you can use in your promotion. Your brand identity might be expressed at numerous elements. Depending on the nature of one’s company enterprise, one advantage or another maybe more or less important. For instance, a restaurant should place a lot of thought in their menu and physical space. A digital marketing agency, however, should focus more on the website and social networking pages.

Your Own Logo is of upmost importance
Your logo design could be the cornerstone on your brand identity. When working together with your designer, you want to target to the logo to tick off the following boxes:

  • Clearly conveys who you are and what you value as a brand;
  • Is visually appealing: simple, clean and uncluttered goes a long way;
  • Is classic, not cool: the previous thing you want is to get your own logo to head out of style at six months;
  • Plays with your industry’s standards–and in the event that you veer off, do therefore deliberately;
  • produces a lasting impression on your audience.

Additionally you should be certain that your designer produces your logo in a number of formats (like a monochrome variant or a number of sizes) to guarantee you consistently have the logo you desire –and that all is in accord with your brand identity.

Your site is one of the very representative sides of one’s brand identity. Specially if you’re running an internet business or even a digital solution, your visitors will definitely check your site out before deciding to conduct business with you. Your website is where your new identity needs to really shine through in full force.

Product packaging
If your merchandise is physical product, then quality product packaging is essential to bringing the right clients. Whether you’re promoting a new line of products via your social media channel, or just sending email marketing  to your clients who purchased from the ecommerce website, don’t under estimate the worth of good design in improving the brand’s strength and trust. Packaging is an wonderful chance for your design to shine.

Business cards
If you are doing any form of business development (and who isn’t), you are going to need business cards, even in todays digital world. People love the feel of a business card that you just can’t get via social media. A well-designed card offers the possiblity to reinforce a confident opinion of yourself from the eyes of possible customers or clients. When it comes to business card layout, keep it simple: your own company logo on one side of your card and your key individual precisely the opposite hand should suffice, though if you want to drive more customers, depending on your business type, the card could work as a call to action (eg buy two and get one free), or a special VIP card, or even just an appointment card, or mini calendar. As long as it reflects your business in some way.

Create a new visual style guide
Once you’ve got your design assets, you would like to be certain they’re applied in the ideal method, which explains why you’ll certainly wish to make a brand style guide. This document summarizes your own design elements, when and how to utilize them, as well as any design do’s and dont’s for your brand, andwill ensure that any upcoming design is directly in line with your brand identity and creates the right perception with your audience.

Consistency is important to develop a strong brand identity. You’d not need your brand to appear many different on societal networking marketing than it does on your own website. That will confuse customers and make your brand feel less trustworthy and professional. So, make sure to always adhere to a brand guide that covers all the different facets of your new identity. That is what is going to let you construct brand awareness and brand loyalty in the very long run.

Your brand identity is the thing that sets you apart from the infinite sea of competitions and also shows your visitors who you are and what they could get from working together with you. Of course if you want your brand to be perceived in a positive light, then it’s critical that you nail your new identity and make designs which accurately depict that which you are to your own visitors.

Now you understand just how important branding and individuality is for your business, it is the right time to start designing.

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