The right domain name for your website can determine the success of your business.

Creating a successful online business starts long before the web design process begins.
It starts with the right domain name.

Unfortunately many new business owners dive in without thinking about choosing the right domain name that will work best for their business, and also don’t realise that just because you may have a business name registered doesn’t necessarily mean you are entered to a domain of the same name.

Let’s first look at the facts about domain name registration, and what will rank best….

These days there are many different domain name extensions available beyond just the traditional .com and, but ensuring you select the right one for your business can be critical.

If you’re an Australian business and planning to provide a local service in Australia, then you are always best going for a domain name. If you plan on providing international commercial services then you would be best to secure the .com domain.

See, Google measures your ranking based on a number of factors and this includes your physical location and the service rank you provide. And particularly for local shrive results such as on mobile devices, Google Maps and Google Assistant results, for an Australian business, you’ll always rank better with the local domain name.

The issue with .com domain names is that anyone can register any domain name. You don’t necessarily have you have a business name registered closely to the domain name like you would with a, so you may find the .com domain you want is not always going to be available.

There are many other options also available such as .net, .org, or even .co as well as a host of others now available, however you’ll usually find these will rarely rank as good as the .com domain names.

How much does a domain name cost?

When you start shopping around for domain names, while the service and registration timeframe will usually be the same, you’ll find a big variance in price. Some design agencies will try and charge you more than double, sometimes even triple the price you should be paying for a domain name registration, but ultimately you should not be paying more than $30 for 2 years domain registration, you’re paying too much.

At Smartfish, as we manage our own hosting and domain registration service we offer very competitive domain registration rates….