The 4 Tier backup system to safely protect your files

No matter who you do business with in the digital world, knowing that your files are stored safely by your Graphic Designer or Web Development company should be something you need to know.

At Smartfish we take file storage very seriously, and something we consider a big difference between us and many of our competitors.

You’ll usually find that unless you specifically ask for your files to be archived, most design agencies will simply back up your files to a hard drive for a few months after you have finished the project, just in case you require access to your files. Most studios won’t offer it as part of their service, or if they do they’ll charge you extra.

Smartfish are a little different. We ensure all our clients files are backed up for a minimum of three years, at absolutely no cost, so that if you need to access them again, we can provide them direct to you or to a supplier almost immediately, again, at no cost.

In fact, we’ll be happy to provide you with full time access to your files, which is continuously backed up, so you can access your files as soon as we have finished working on them. If we update one of your files, you’ll have instant access to that new version!

How we store your files…

Smartfish implement a four tier backup system, ensuring your files are super-secure.

We have an in-house RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) system, which in short means that if our master work drive happens to fail for any reason, we have multiple duplicates of all files available to continue to work on, with no downtime.


All our work files are then stored to the Mac time Machine platform, which ensures that if for any reason any of your recent work files have been lost or overridden we can go back approximately 1 month and retrieve the previous versions of the file.


Smartfish utilise two cloud-based platforms to store your files indefinitely, with our 10TB drive constantly active, store all client files as we work on them in real time.
So in a worst case scenario that our office was wiped out by a meteorite, at least your files are safe and secure. And upon request, you can have instant 24 hour access to these files whenever you like.


We also integrate Google’s cloud storage facility to provide a secondary upload and backup service for clients that are looking to share or download large files.
This can be done directly via the Smartfish website, and synced to your own Google account (if available). For large companies that prefer to have instant access to their files across multiple departments, this is ideal. This system integrates with our initial Cloud-based backup service, so as you upload your files they are automatically stored across all our backup platforms. So if you lose or misplace your original file, we have your back.
We can also use either of our backup systems to arrange digital sharing of your files directly with your printers or signwriters, making the transport of large files super quick and efficient.


So if you’re considering a web design or graphic design agency, make sure you ask them how they’ll be storing your files, for how long, and if they charge you to archive or retrieve them. Having a backup system in place can save yourself a lot of time and money if you ever lose your original artwork files, your website needs to be recovered, or any other vital information needs to be accessed regarding your branding, design files or web design.

If you currently use a design or web service which outsources your files overseas, there is a good chance there is no backup or archive system in place, and if you need to have access to your files again in future the chance of this could be slim. At Smartfish, all our work is carried out in-house, and stored as we work on it.

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