Designing an Amazing Brochure That Wows Your Potential Client

Brochures are an amazing marketing tool used to grab the attention of potential clients. The brochure design is what will ultimately make or break your brochure. In this blog post, we will go over some simple and effective ways you can wow your audience with brochure designs that not only look good but also get your message across.

Designing the perfect brochure is about simplicity. You want to make sure your design stands out and catches someone’s attention but you also want it to be easy for them to read and understand what you are trying to say in a concise manner.

Know your purpose before you start

Before venturing off into design land with a graphic designer, (or trying to do it yourself in Canva!) there is a lot you essentially need to consider.

There are points you need to consider before getting a designer involved:

Who is your target Audience?

While your brochure will ultimately be the tool that provides a message about the product or service you are selling, you need to first think about who your primary target audience will be.

Sometimes this target audience might be a combination of two audiences, for example if you were selling a retirement village you might be targeting both the person moving into the village, but possibly also one of their relatives such as their child. So the brochure must appeal to both in the full sense of content.

Consider the stock you will be printing on.

Before doing any design the stock should be chosen. Many designers leave the stock choice until last, and this can be a huge mistake as the stock can define how well the ink absorbs, which is important if you are using fine fonts, or if you plan on adding additional celloglaze or spot varnishes to the final finish.

And of course, the print stock can also make a difference to your overall presentation to your audience.

There is nothing worse than receiving those flimsy laser printed real estate junk-mail flyers in your letterbox, and yet they are trying to sell a million dollar home. If you present garbage it gives the reflection that you don’t value the property you are selling or you simply lack good marketing skills, and no one wants a real estate agent like that. Quality printing is incredibly affordable these days.

Printing stock varies on the type, weight and texture of paper. For some prints, you may want a coated or an uncoated printed paper which changes their absorbency rate and can affect sharpness and the print colour, particularly when rich colours are involved. Consider your printing needs before proceeding to next step

Getting your Text Copy right.

Great copy is imperative to making the sale for any product, and it can make all the difference.

While many believe they can write a brochure themselves, there is a true art to understanding the structure and psychology to your text copy. You need to capture the audience in the first few sentences and then real them in with content that resonates with them, and keeps them entertained, and then hooks them. Simple statements can often have the most impact.

Perfect headlines can often make the difference between someone picking up the brochure or not, so using a copywriting service or one of the latest Copywriting AI services can provide you with impactful copy.

There are also content writing services available on websites such as Upwork or however depending on their location or knowledge of your topic this may be affordable, but is not always the perfect option.

Choosing the right typeface

The typeface should reflect your audience and product you are selling. If you were selling trucks you might choose a thick meaty font with impact to target the truck drivers, or if you were selling a funeral service you might choose a delicate script or serif font to give a sense of caring. The fonts you choose should capture the feel and are a big part of the overall design.

Keep your font selection to a minimum. You should rarely use more that two or three different typefaces in a brochure, otherwise it starts to look busy and can cause confusion in which message to look at first. Utilise the font sizes of Heading, sub-headings and then paragraph content in bold and medium so that you can create a nice flow of the text and draw the reader along the journey.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

We’ve all heard that phrase, and image selection is a very important choice for your brochure. Never take your own photos if possible unless you have a good knowledge of photography. the perfect image comes down to a lot of factors, particularly emotion. The purpose of the images are to tell the visual story and draw the audience in. Factors such as the correct lighting, location and of course the main object or talent plays a crucial factor in a. great photo.

If you can’t afford a photographer, there are a great selection of free stock images available at or for even higher quality and more choice Adobe Images offers premium images at a very reasonable rate. Never ‘borrow’ some one else images from the internet. Alternatively if you are interested in taking your own photos, courses are available on for as little as $15 giving you access to learn in your own time.

Think about Marketing Strategy

If you are planning a long term game with your marketing campaign, you need a strategy, and this might mean you plan on running a series of brochures, or integrating them with other marketing such as social media, signage, TV or radio. Your general brand feel should carry across all mediums, so consider this before starting.

With these considerations in place you can now proceed with the main design process to create a brochure that will wow your audience, provide brand recognition and awareness, and generate sales.

If you require assistance with your brochure design and printing, Smartfish have over 25 years experience in design and print and can help achieve the perfect brochure for your business.

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