Become a Smartfish Design Agent

If you are a designer or web developer looking to earn extra income, Smartfish can help!

We are looking for Design Agents from all over Australia to join our creative team at Smartfish.

The Smartfish Creative Design Agent service is ideal for web developers, seo specialists and graphic designers who have the skills, but maybe not the financial capital, to set up their own business.

We provide you with opportunity to work under the Smartfish brand with all our business management and marketing tools at your disposal, your own design agent web page, and even assist in getting you design, seo and web design projects.

We manage all the invoicing for you and ensure you get paid as soon as the project is completed.

On average our Design Agent’s can earn between $500 – $2500 per week!

Whether you are a skilled student at Uni looking for additional income, or a creative talent looking for additional work or maybe your own micro business, apply to become a Smartfish Agent today!

How it Works

  1. Sign up for approval
    Sign up and we will review your application and see if you fit the bill. Smartfish designers do have to be able to be able to provide services at a professional level, so only apply if you believe you have the skills.
  2. Membership Fee
    To become a Smartfish Design Agent there is an initial joining fee which covers your Business Cards, Marketing Material and other goodies, as well as a small monthly cost to access to our job system.
  3.  The System
    Once you have signed up and have access to the Smartfish Job System, you can log your job into the system, which our accounts team will then send out the quote and initial 50% deposit invoice to the client (when they approve the quote).
    You can get paid one of three ways –
    As a Referral – If you refer a job to Smartfish but have us provide the services required, you’ll receive a commission on the total payment amount due.
    As a Designer – If you do the job as a Smartfish Design agent you receive a majority profit share of the total payment  amount due.
    As a Preferred Designer – When regularly have an overflow of work, so as a Design Agent, if you are available we will assign the project for you to complete in part or in whole, and you will receive a majority share of the total payment amount due.

As part of the Smartfish Design Agent program you receive access to our regular online training, webinars and system work forms, as well as direct access to our support team. Our job and invoicing system provides you with complete transparency of the projects you are working on, including quoted rates, timeframes and all information relating to the project, so right from the start you will know exactly how much you will earn upon completion of the project.

Please review the full terms & conditions of the program, and then complete the form to apply…

We look forward to having you onboard!

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Once you have completed the form, please read our terms and conditions, and then click SUBMIT below and one of the Smartfish Team will review your request and be in contact with you.

nnIf you have any questions at all please contact us.

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