How to create a successful integrated advertising campaign in 2019

When it comes to your business, regardless of the size, marketing is critical and should be part of your business plan to success.

Not so long ago businesses relied on the ‘big 4’ marketing mediums – print, press, television and radio marketing to get their message and services out to the world, however then social media came along, allowing a much broader targeted reach and attract the audience you want, not just an audience of everyone.

Social media also has one very exciting and powerful element that the old ‘big 4’ doesn’t.. the ability to not only engage directly with the audience, but allow the advertiser to track a lot of information about the viewer, such as how many times they engaged, if they took action (eg to a sales lead, website or online purchase), but also critical information such as their location, age, gender, interests, and average income. These are the key areas you need to know when marketing to ensure you not only use the right marketing to target the right audience, but it makes engagement so much easier and more successful.

If we look at radio or television advertising for example, how does the radio station or advertiser know hopw many people listened to the advertisement, and if you’re driving a car it is very hard to engage, which means that the possibility of actually capturing the audience is about 5%, compared to around 65% via social media or pay-per-click digital marketing.

Also consider, that if you’re our driving your car, you’re probably focused on paying attention to the road, rather than trying to remember the  features of a vehicle being advertised or the services and location of a dentist. Lets be honest, radio and Tv are all but dead, unless you have an integrated campaign incorporating digital marketing and a lead generator/sales funnel.

To back this up, just the other day I had Australia’s leading radio network phone me up to do marketing research on radio advertising. If they don’t already know the answers already then something is seriously wrong with their product! Every advertisement they play on air should have the power to provide actual numbers of listeners and results.

And this is actually possible….

Smart marketers and advertisers are embracing the new age of marketing, finally leaving the 1990’s behind, and discovering that a successful marketing campaign should incorporate a combination of the old school and the new cool, print, press, radio and TV combined with a digital marketing strategy.

Thing of it like fishing..the old school works as the bait, the digital marketing works as the hook to catch them.

So, how is this achieved?

Simple really.

Every TV, radio, print or press advertisement should have a lead magnet incorporated into it. It might be a link or announcement to download a free guide or sales kit, or a discount offer if they go to a specific website or social media address. When they arrive at that address their would be a sales funnel generator in place, such as a short form to either arrange a free consultation, download the guide or coupon code offer.

This page should be unique to the website, allowing the number of visitors to be recorded, so for the original medium (print, press, radio or TV), they can see the exact success of their campaign. By establishing what time of the day the advertisement played on air would align with the demographics provided by the analytics of the website to establish the medium interests, age, etc of the audience, thus fixing the issue of radio and TV advertising being a dead tool for measuring results.

But even before they fill in the form on the website their details will already be captured beyond just Google analytics.

If you have an integrated social media marketing plan in place you should also have integrated the ‘pixel’ into the website, which then means that if that same person goes back onto social media (eg Instagram, facebook, Linkedin etc,) they should start seeing your digital advertising following them around. And if you cleverly design it so you have an A/B split test campaign in place, you basically tell them they are missing out on something special, and they will usually click back to the site.  Meanwhile the people that viewed your advertisement from social media by fitting in with the demographics you want to target will see a different advertisement or campaign.

Ultimately, the aim is to attract them to fill in the form on your website and arrange a consultation or grab a download, so that you have captured their basic details for you to then work on Plan B – a personalised ‘soft-sell’ email marketing campaign to educate them about your services and build trust in your brand.

You can even take this process further, creating different landing pages for the different mediums. So radio or television advertisements would both show different social media campaigns suited to those particular audiences, while print and press audiences might be more ‘readable advertising based’ campaigns.

And don’t forget the power of digital radio. Spotify now also allows you to advertise on their platform, and this will soon be followed by Apple’s new individual Podcast platform to be released with Mac OS Catalina and IOS 13.

And then there is Youtube! More people now watch Youtube over commercial television, and getting an advertisement on Youtube is so easy with the Youtube Studio software or other applications available. This gives you the power to also chase and track the desired audience of your choice, and provide a direct clickable link to a sales funnel or lead generator that television can’t offer effectively.

Smart advertising agencies and designers should be working with their web developers and graphic designers to ensure that any advertising medium produced is created not to just look pretty but to factor into the design a solution that will also provide the ability to generate and track real targeted results.

So if you’re currently running TV, press, or radio campaigns and your advertising agency can’t produce direct analytics and results mentioned above, it is probably time you consider changing agencies. 

An integrated marketing strategy and campaign created right will ultimately change the success of your marketing campaigns and provide a much better, targeted and measurable campaign.

Call Smartfish and discuss taking your old school marketing campaigns to the next level of success.

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