If you want to win you first need to size up your competition,
know what they have under the hood, what techniques they are using…
and then beat them in the race.

To beat your online competitors you first need to know the competition.

If you want to achieve a better ranking on the search engines, such as Google or Bing, then you first need to work out why your competitors are ranking better than you.

Smartfish have developed a process that allows you to analyse your competitors site as if it were your own. See what keywords they use, what Adwords campaigns they are running, who they are getting backlinks from, and much more.


We can also see what they are doing wrong, and use this to our client’s advantage to outrank them.

In fact, we can provide a combined competitor analysis report that compares your online presence to your top five competitors all at the same time. Then beat them.

We can also provide weekly reports to follow your results (and your competitors, of course) to ensure you stay at the top of the search engines for your business niche.

Sure, it may not be fair for your competitors, but there can only be one winner.

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