As a small business, Smartfish like supporting the Australian community where we can.

That’s why we enjoy helping out the CanTeen Youth Cancer Charity.

canteen australiaCanTeen is a brilliant charity set up for youths to make their life dealing with cancer just that bit easier and showing them they don’t need to face the ordeal of living with it alone.

As a cancer survivor myself, I understand first-hand what it means to have to suffer with the disease, so I can only imagine how hard it would be for a child or teen to deal with it.

Thats why Smartfish now provide a monthly contribution to this amazing charity, in the hope that we can help give kids a helping hand with dealing with Cancer.

As a Smartfish Creative client, a little of every dollar you spend goes to helping make someone’s life a little better, so we say thank you!



Chris Bourke


Smartfish Creative

Manager and Creative Director