Choosing the right logo design for your real estate business

There are not many businesses that fully understand the benefit of professional marketing and branding than a real estate.

When it comes to selling a home it’s not all about location, location, location, it’s also about ensuring your property can be found, and this is where choosing the right Real Estate is so important, or more importantly, choosing a real estate with marketing that stands out!

The success of many of the world’s most successful real estate operations isn’t just about their sales technique, but also about their brand identity and it’s presence & impact.

Take Remax for instance, Their well recognised logo featuring the balloon is one of the most globally recognised real estate brands in the world, especially when they used an actual hot air balloon to market their branding sky high where it can be seen at a greater distance than their competitors!

This integrated concept of the balloon, incorporated into their branding, and brand message is what does literally lift them above the rest.

In Australia, Real Estate branding is a little different to the USA market, where many people select a real estate based on a stylish brand rather than many of the cheesy cheap looking logos that are represented in the 4 primary colours (Blue, Red, Yellow, Black). These colours were originally chosen by real estate’s back 50 years ago or more to primarily keep the cost of printing down for their high volume print marketing.

These days real estate business cards and flyers can cost as little as $40 for a set of 1000 business cards, and not much more for flyer printing, for any assortment of colours, so getting away from the basic colours is now a more affordable alternative, and one that will provide a real estate brand with a real point of difference.

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Many property buyers now put their trust in brands that look strong, modern and stylish, or a more boutique branding as they feel they will receive a better level of customer service, so for a real estate owner, choosing a brand image and logo for their real estate business should be carefully thought about to ensure their brand mirrors the target audience they are looking for. In such a competitive industry, the correct branding can be the difference between great success and failure.

Smartfish Creative have created many logos for real estate agencies across Australia. from small boutique offices, through to large corporate real estate brands, we can provide the branding for your real estate or buyers agent business that will ensure you stand out from the crown and represent the level of success that you wish to achieve.

Contact Smartfish for all your real estate branding and marketing on the Sunshine Coast, and throughout Australia.

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