Best marketing tips for Property Sales

When it comes to property marketing, the successful outcome of selling the project requires considerable planning.

While many of the advertising agencies claim they can provide the best solutions to ensure maximum results, unfortunately many don’t have the right skills to carry the marketing project right through from start to completion.


Any good property marketing campaign starts with research and analysis, planning and then good branding. After all, if the brand doesn’t suit the target audience then it’s just not going to work. Unfortunately while there are many advertising agencies that can provide branding for property marketing projects, many of the design team leaders think ‘old-school’ and don’t have all the experience to plan ahead far enough beyond the initial brand.

These days there is much more to the success in property marketing than just a catchy name and a nice looking logo. For instance, online marketing accounts for around 60 percent of all investment property searches now, and this figure is set to rise in the coming years, so a nice glossy brochure wont cut it anymore.
Creating a brand that also includes a successful formula that will generate traffic and potential buyers needs to ensure the brand not only looks good but can be found easily.

This means that before completing the ‘traditional’ branding brief, you need to consider all the other elements that will also play a big part in the success of the brand, both offline and online, such as the domain name, similar domain names, social media brand availability.

Unfortunately many advertising agencies don’t plan this well enough and you see property projects taking years to sell when they could be sold within months if they were marketed correctly.

Traditional Marketing

We all see the nice shiny brochures and TV commercials that property marketing companies use, yet unfortunately most advertising agencies for get the two most important factors when designing them…the call to action and the ability to measure exact results  of each campaign.

Since the internet, selling real estate, especially new projects, has never been easier to track the success of a campaign, no matter which marketing medium is being used. There are simple tricks and tools that can be built into the design of the brochure and even the TV commercials to measure the results right down to the response rate per minute, as well as tracking the age, sex, average income, suburb and more, giving you a better idea if your campaign is working and targeting the right audience. And the best thing is these tools for measuring the results are all free!

So how come many digital property marketing and advertising agencies don’t use them?

Website Development

The web has become one of the best tools when it comes to property marketing as it can reach a much wider and more targeted audience, and is virtually free and also every single visitor can be tracked.

Unfortunately though, many of the major Property marketing agencies that claim to do ‘digital marketing’ just don’t understand the importance of ensuring the website is mobile-friendly, and are still creating websites designed for desktop computers.

Almost 48 percent of all web searches now come from a smartphone or a tablet device, so this should be a major area of focus when developing a website for a property marketing project.

When we take a look at some of the major players for Brisbane and Melbourne property marketing, their websites lack all the key ingredients…some of the websites have domain names that just won’t rank well, they are not optimised to be found on the search engines, they are not mobile responsive and most are not being tracked for the visitor results. From a digital property marketing perspective this is a major fail.

So before choosing a digital marketing agency for your property marketing, check their previous projects and ensure all the above mentioned factors are in place. If you are not sure how to tell contact us and we will provide a free report that outlines this and much more including competitor analysis.

One of the newest trends in online property marketing which has been a little slow to catch on in Australia is Geo-Location technology. When built into a website this allows the user a lot more information about the project if they are searching from a mobile device, but it also gives the site owner a lot more information on the searches the user is doing in the similar location.

While Geo-Location digital marketing is not essential technology at this point, in the next 12 months when Google Glass is introduced to the public and smartphones start to gradually be replaced with Google Glass, this kind of technology can be the difference between thousands or even millions of dollars with of property sales.

So before you choose your Brisbane digital advertising agency to marketing your property, make sure they can cover all the bases, not just some of them.

Smartfish Creative’s design and marketing team have over two decades of hands on experience in all aspects of property and project marketing and advertising, from signage design to print, as well as all aspects of online branding, marketing, social media, seo and site analysis.

We don’t just provide a solution, we can give proven results that you will see.

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