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When creating a website, there is way more than simply creating a pretty looking web page.

What sets our websites apart is a strategic planning process and strategy that starts even before the creation. The structure of your digital marketing should be developed correctly from the start, with vital requirements including functionality, search engine optimisation, and marketing strategy all built into the framework.

It is these exact foundation we use at Smartfish which assisted us to be found for Bald Knob Website Development Services.

The reality is, most web agencies add seo afterwards, where we consider it one of the most important aspects of any web design, and we develop it it as part of our normal service.

We’ve developed more than 850 websites, generating millions of site visitors (and lots of of dollars) for our digital marketing clients. 

website design structure

More than just a ‘pretty’ Website.

While a nice looking website is great, it’s about being found and being able to convert visitors into sales.
We carefully plan and structure every website to ensure the best possible results for visitors.

Web design with search engine optimisation

Designed to be Found Online

Once the site has been developed, we thoroughly keyword the site using professional search engine optimisation software to ensure your site obtains a great listing.

Mobile Website Design Australia

Mobile-friendly Design, Everytime

Google now ranks mobile sites over desktop sites, so we ensure every website we create is created with mobile viewing in mind, creating websites that not only look great on the big screen, but on your mobile and tablet as well.

Custom Designed websites Sunshine Coast

Custom designed for your Target Audience

Every business is different, so every website should be as well. Our team discuss your needs and create a custom design and development strategy suited best for your business.

Other services we offer to help your website and digital marketing….


We use custom developed local Search Engine Optimisation techniques to get the best possible results for your industry.


We understand that a professional business needs a strong brand.
We have created thousands of logos to give businesses all over Australia & the world, the competitive edge.


We provide professional design services, from stationery printing and business cards, through to brochures, annual reports, and signage design.


Having a nice looking website isn’t enough these days. Smart Digital Marketing such as PPC, Facebook and Google Ads, as well as lead generation and email marketing can mean the difference between success and failure.


Professional local Australian website hosting services with 24/7 Support and more affordable than most other Web Design Services.
Get up and running in just a few minutes!


Understanding how to maintain your website is important to ensure a long life for your site and keep it running effectively. We provide in-house and online support for your team.


How much should a website cost?
How long does it take to build a website?
Do you need to know coding to build a WordPress website?
Does all WordPress website development usually include search engine optimisation?
How much should a website cost?

When it comes to the cost of a website in Bald Knob, the price depends on a number of factors, including how many pages the website needs, whether you need web hosting included, stock images supplied or content writing. But ultimately a small 1 to 5 page website in Bald Knob should cost under $2000 with search engine optimisation included, general support and training.

How long does it take to build a website?

Usually a small business website of 1 – 5 pages should only take a couple of days to develop. Of course it depends on how fast content can be sourced and supplied for building the site.

A single page website should only take a few hours, and a larger website of 10 to 20 pages might take a couple of weeks to build.

Do you need to know coding to build a WordPress website?

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to master, and while it is good to have a basic understanding of PHP and CSS, it is not required as many WordPress websites can now be created using page builders and pre-developed themes.

Does all WordPress website development usually include search engine optimisation?

This totally depends on your web developer. Many web designers don’t provide search engine optimisation as part of the standard service, however it is always recommended to ensure your web development does include SEO to improve your rankings as soon as the website is built. Smartfish always include SEO as part of the standard website build.

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