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Client Engagement Terms of Service

At Smartfish Creative we aim to provide the utmost service for our clients, in both quality and efficiency.
We endeavour to meet all deadlines set on all projects, whether it be design, web or print services.
As our client, to ensure all jobs run smoothly, we offer terms & conditions that are designed to be fair to both parties, and

Please read the Terms & Conditions outlined and ensure you clearly understand them.
If you are unsure about anything, or disagree to our terms, please approach up regarding this prior to commencement of your project.

This is a binding contract of services between Smartfish (‘The Supplier’), and your business (‘The Client’), and by signing the following you are agreeing you our terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties.

The following conditions are represented under Australian Law, and apply to all companies, clients or individuals (‘Clients’) engaging the services of Genetiqe Pty Ltd, Trading as Smartfish Creative, it’s contractors, or subcontractors.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions cover all work/services entered into by The Client with The Supplier for services relating to and including graphic design, web design/development, printing, and all conceptual work including concept design.

If the Terms & Conditions change we will notify you 7 days prior to the change of details.

While the initial consultation between The Client and The Supplier is provided at no charge, additional meeting time outside of the original agreed quotation may include a cost by The Supplier.

And additional work provided by The Supplier outside of the original Brief, including major changes, additional content provided by the client well into the project, or other major variations that affect the time allowance of a project may incur additional costs, billed in 30 minute increments.

Terms of Contract – Payment

The Supplier reserves the right to request part payment/deposit from The Client prior to commence the project. This is based upon a 50% initial deposit for all new clients and for all projects exceeding $750 in total.This invoice will be presented by The Supplier prior to commencing the project, and is payable by The Client before commencement. By making the initial payment you are entering into the contact with The Supplier.

The Supplier reserves the right not to commence with any of the services or additionally requested services prior to receiving the payment from The Client.

The Supplier reserves the right to invoice the work commenced or completed for The Client if the project exceeds 60 days, or if the job remains idle for more than 30 days due to The Client. In the event that the job has remained idle for more than 30 days due to no response from The Client, the job may be deemed complete and cancelled by The Supplier, and request of full payment due (minus initial deposit), be paid. All artwork and concepts therefore remains the property of The Supplier until full payment has been received from The Client. If non-payment occurs, The Supplier has the right to initiate external Debt Collection processes or legal action, in which The Client will be responsive for the monies owed.

The Supplier reserves the right to request payment of a further 10% of the final invoice for the recovery process of accounts that remain unpaid for 60 days or more.

All payments are to be made within 7 days of the invoice, unless alternative agreements have been made between The Supplier and The Client prior to commencement of the project.

If the invoice amount is not received within 30 days please note that the terms of your contract will be changed to request full payment upfront for remainder of services or future projects unless otherwise agreed. All projects may be placed on hold by The Supplier until full payment has been received.

The Supplier reserves the right to charge additional costs if major amendments to the original Brief are requested. This includes supplying additional content for websites beyond 50% completion of the project.

The Supplier’s terms of payment for design and web services are 50% deposit prior to commencement, followed by 25% three quarters of the way through the project, and then final 25% of payment due upon completion.

For print based services 50% deposit is required prior to processing order, with final payment due 14 days after delivery of goods.

Urgent Services requested outside of Business Hours

For work required outside of normal business hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm) a 20% surcharge is applicable. By requesting our services specifically to be carried out after hours you are accepting this policy.

Additional Payment Policy for Particular Industries

Due to previous payment or job completion issues with a few particular business industries, clients in the following areas of service are required to arrange full payment prior to commencement;
Business Coaches, Personal Coaches, Psychologists, Lawyers/Solicitors

Smartfish and its staff have the right to refuse clients or projects for any reason if we so deem fit.

Copyright Ownership of Content & Artwork

Ownership of all creative design provided by The Supplier remains the ownership of The Supplier until full payment has been received by The Client.

This includes, but is not limited to; graphic design, concepts, artwork. Unlawful use of these designs prior to completion and payment is strictly prohibited, unless authorised by The Supplier prior.

The Client is responsible for all trademark, patent, copyright infringement clearance, and indemnifies The Supplier against any loss or damage relating to or arising either directly or indirectly from any use of text, photos, similarities or other Intellectual Property not under ownership of The Client.

The Supplier agrees to keep an archive of all projects for a period of 36 months from the date of final payment, however is not held responsible for loss of content during this period caused by electronic failure of storage.

The Company reserves the right to charge a file transfer or collation fee for any requested Finished Art or other files that are over 6 months old.

Fonts and images provided by The Supplier are under license to external providers, and cannot be transferred to The Client without purchase of the related licenses by The Client.

The Client agrees to allow The Supplier to display their designs on the Supplier’s website/portfolio for self-promotion, unless notified by the Client in writing.