9 Tips to Create a Successful Logo

Businesses depend a lot on effective communication with their potential customers these days.

Marketers make strategies to ensure that people can engage with a business in many ways in order to stay top of mind for them.

Because of this, small business owners put out lots of money into creating visual tools to help the businesses capture and maintain interest with potential buyers

Today, a logo is not just a business symbol but rather it helps in forming a strong brand identity.

A logo can represent the larger mission and values of a company, it is also an invaluable form of branding for a business. A professionally designed logo can send the right business message to your target audience and convert people into loyal customers.

Looking for an awesome logo design?

You should keep these 9 tips in mind….

Know The Brand

Before you design a logo, be sure to research the company’s brand. Your product’s ultimate audience should drive what your logo looks like.

Research your business, brand, and market to know what the ideology is and where you want it to go.

You also need to understand the brand’s personality. Is it a more soft-spoken or tough? What does it want to project in its market and customers? All such details must be readily available beforehand. This will serve as guide for you to create your logo design. You will pick your logo elements considering the information about your brand.

Reflect the nature of the business

Make sure that your logo is fully capable of representing your business. Keep in mind the color scheme and imagery you’re trying to convey, as well as what kind of message you want to send via your logo. It is when a logo aligns with your business’s mission that it will create a brand identity for your company in the competitive market.

New and soon-to-be business owners typically have one major question: What is the right logo for my company?

It is vital to make a good impression

A lasting impression is the best way to attract customers, but it’s hard to make a good first impression. Your logo design needs to have the perfect aesthetic in order for people to be attracted by what they see at a glance.

Creating a strong impression starts with having an unique logo design that stands out from others. The logo should be more creative and better when it comes to the way it is presented.

How to Use Colour Effectively

Colour plays an important role in how a brand is perceived. For example, if you use red as the main color in your logo, it will send the message of being aggressive, passionate and energetic. Considering that you are targeting a younger demographic, blue is the best choice for the primary colour in your logo. This color symbolizes intelligence and togetherness – traits teens find important. For example, Facebook uses the shades of blue as it’s main design component and this has helped its image connect with such customers.

Use vivid and powerful colours to attract people’s attention. But these colours should also convey your brand personality. Every color has a message to its viewers. Have you ever noticed how blue makes you feel calm, or yellow reminds you of the sun? Graphic design is only made possible because there’s a science behind colours and they combine pleasantly on-screen.

Utilize all words in text for clarity

Select fonts carefully

Many designers don’t pay close attention to the selection of typefaces and just choose them at random. The personality of a company is often portrayed through the typeface used in their logo. A toy company’s logo, for example, will most likely be handwritten because the children are its target customer and you want to project your brand as child-friendly.

Choose a typeface that matches your brand, and your logo will send the right signals to customers about your branding.

If you are looking to create a look that is unique, avoid using gimmicky fonts. You should also use fonts that have been made for your individual logo. One way to improve the appearance of your logo is to use high quality, complimentary fonts that are available on the web. Coca-Cola is a well known brand for its custom font and color scheme.

Choosing the type of logo

Do you want it to be your business’s name that stands out? A logotype is a logo that does just that. Famous examples include Ray-Ban, IBM and Coca-Cola.

Logotypes are a type of branding that is applied to your company’s name, and they allow customers to identify you immediately. Your logo will become your company’s advertisement, and you won’t have to spend much just to generate publicity. The logo can tell people the name of your brand. A small business with a limited budget is able to benefit from logos because they don’t need as many marketing tools as larger businesses do.

It takes a lot of marketing resources to grow a brand with a symbol as its logo.

A logo is an important aspect of business, and a combination logotype may signify to your customer what your company is about.

Keep It Simple

Every logo designer will tell you that a simple design is better.A simple logo usually only uses one or two colors, fonts, and other elements. A simple logo should send a single message to the viewers at a glance.

A logo with few elements will also likely be memorable. International commisions are represented by their simple logo art. For example, Nike’s logo features a single swoosh design. The Pepsi logo is made of two colors only. The Samsung logo has one color. Simplicity in design should be maintained not only for your logos, but also to other designs such as brochure design.

These companies have their company name in the logo while others only have an illustration. Both of these types of simple logos are capable of catching the attention of your customers. Colors and images can help attract a customer, but the design should still be understandable in order for them to remember you. Avoid a complex logo with riotously colored or textured designs or convoluted lines. The Google logo is the perfect example of simple, recognizable design.

Remember that a simple design is easily remembered and will not need the viewer to re-hash company details in order to understand it. So, designing a minimal logo goes long ways in establishing the identity of your business – because customers can associate it with your company and the work you do.

It is important that the system be able to grow as the company does

Remember that your logo will need to work on a variety of scales, whether you are using it as part of an advertisement or other mechanical process. It should look like a professional logo on any media; meaning the larger size of your billboard, the better it looks.

But if a logo loses its sense of proportion when projected on larger surfaces (such as billboards), then it is less effective. When a company creates a promotional product like a pen, they need to make sure that the logo is visible on the small surface.

It should be impressive without colour

Make sure your logo design is striking in both black and white to keep it looking crisp. In many cases, a logo can be seen without any color. For example, it may appear on documents or documents that have been faxed. For example, newspaper ads are typically black and white and should make a lasting impression on viewers.

When you draw a pencil sketch, avoid the use of colors for an impression of what your logo will look like. Many designers think that the logo will be more effective after filling colours. However, a better way is to fill colors only when the design has an unforgettable logo without any colour.

So, these are some important tips to consider when designing your logo. While it may be easier to outsource some logo work, not all designers can produce the desired flair. At Smartfish we work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible result. All our designers are in-house (we never outsource design), so you can connect directly with the designer at any stage of the process.

So a quick recap of the main points:

1. Keep it simple

2. Favor bold shapes and lines over detailed outlines

3. Pick a close complementary color scheme you can jazz up with text and graphics

4. Don’t be afraid to use negative space

5. Make the type one that can clearly be recognised and works in every size and medium

If you are looking for a new logo for your business, Smartfish are the specialists in logo designs for all industries, with 25 years in the logo design industry, creating over 5000 successful logo designs for clients all over the world.

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