6 ways to attract more dental patients with your website

These days it takes more to drive new patients to your dental practice then just some word-of-mouth or a big flash billboard. And obviously the days of the yellow pages along dead and gone.

Now it is more than ever important to look at new ways of marketing to drive new clients or patients do you have dental practice, but the best thing is the new ways of doing marketing are more cost effective and more effective than ever before.

And the results are also more visible.

But the main thing is to know I want to focus on that will work for your business.

Many dental practices overlook marketing, whether this is because it’s something there not sure how to do or whether they feel they don’t currently need to do it, but the truth is every business should be doing it no matter whether you’re currently busy and successful or not, because when you’re not doing it you competitors quite quickly catch up and overtake you.

In this post we’re going to cover six ways to use modern online marketing to attract more dental patients via your website.

Local SEO

For dental practices, local SEO is one of the best ways of reaching your target audience because ultimately your target audience is local to your region.

Googles ‘My Business’ free listing service is the best way to attract local businesses as it helps you come up in general local online search results as well as Google map results, however by doing a few simple changes to your website can greatly improve your chance of ranking better than your local competitors

By utilising the information that you include in the footer of your website reflects what appears on your Google local business listing. If you add your location into your website footer this provides Google with verified information confirming your location, which then reflects on the results that appear for people that are closer to your physical location.

In a similar manner, by adding your trading hours in the footer of your site will reflect in your Google local listing results, and will appear if your practice is still open when someone local is searching for dental services that will still be open within their vicinity compared to other Practises that are either closes or don’t show their trading hours.,

On-Page Website SEO

Your website is still probably one of your most they will marketing tools for your business, providing you are showing the services and content of value that your audience is searching for. By utilising your website and projecting yourself as an authority in your industry locally, this can skyrocket your rankings on the search engines.

So, insuring your content such as text images is unique, original, and provides information of value, you’ll find you should rank very well get your competitors.

If you’re not experienced in search engine optimisation is a recommended you higher SEO company with a reputation for getting proven great results in the dental industry, such as such a Smartfish. You’ll find overall this is a much cheaper option and will provide a better long-term result then paid Google or Facebook ads.

Call to Action

While driving new traffic to your website is obviously essential, insuring you have a clear call to action on your webpage can make the big difference between whether you just receive a visitor or receive a new patient. You’re cool to action could be something as simple as a click to get a call back or could be a click to download brochure, or to make an appointment time. There are many ways you can utilise your website and change the layout to suit your call to action that will not only help drive new inquiries but also help with your rankings on search engines.

Content marketing

Adding content the value for your audience improves your authority ranking with Google. Ultimately google want to provide the very best possible results for its business, so when your content reflects the value that you can provide your audience with this intern build your authority which intern provides value the Google is looking for. Why regularly adding new content of value to your website blog or even the general pages of the website will greatly increase your authority wanking and boost your page rank on Google.

Social media marketing

Many professional businesses now incorporate a social media marketing strategy into their day by day marketing. When Inc with your SEO strategy these two together can be very very powerful. Many people do manage their social media marketing themselves, however you do need to find the time to manage your social marketing schedule, and also have the right tools for engagement and monitoring the success of each post, campaign engagement to get the best possible results.

One of the simplest ways of creating social media marketing content is by utilising a website blog, creating posts of them are you, and sharing these across your social media channels.

Email marketing and lead generation

Can you close the usual call to action as a lead generation magnet, directing potential new patients to your email marketing mailing list. By create an automation follows the signup of any potential leads can lead to a new patient within a matter of days. But then email marketing can also make it much easier to retain that patient by regular email reminders by create an automation follows the signup of any potential leads can lead to a new patient within a matter of days. But then email marketing can also make it much easier to retain that patient my regular email reminders, general information they can benefit your client, or even added benefits for your patients.

If you’re looking for somebody to manage your online marketing strategy they can provide real visible results, talk to the team Smartfish. We have decades of experience and I’ve helped many dental clinics throughout the Sunshine Coast as was the rest of Australia to drive more new patients for their business.


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