3 steps to building your Mailing List

All the successful online and internet marketers will tell you that the ‘money is in the list’.

Your mailing list is one of the sure ways to increase visitor retention, providing potential and existing customers with regular information and news about your business to ensure you not only stay in their mind when it comes to the services your business offers, but a mailing list can also be effectively used as a great sales funnel for generating a greater revenue with one-time offers available only to those on your mailing list, generating sales from limited time offers not available to anyone else.

With affordable email marketing services now readily available such as Aweber and Mailchimp, creating and sending your own email marketing has never been easier and more cost effective, and it gives you the ability to track every click, providing vital information for future targeted marketing.

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It is seriously one of the most effective marketing tools for any business, yet often overlooked or under utilised.

The issue many business owners have is knowing how to grow their email mailing list.

But growing your mailing list is actually much easier than you think!

Here are a few proven tips I use which have help grow your online mailing list 750{6ec87bd1e1f3c1887cac0a5fe02e293b57e756ae4f7ab2a5ad1b477841e278b1} or more in less than a month!

1.  Get people to sign up!
This sounds like a no brainer, but many businesses actually struggle with this.
To get your traditional in-store customers to sign up, offer a rewards card for those that fill out a form. With most mailing systems such as Mailchimp, you can manually enter their details into the database later. Entice them to sign up by providing them with a discount card. 1000 of these professionally printed cards cost less than $60, so it’s a worthwhile investment, and will not only grow your mailing list but also your customer retention so they know they are getting additional value to shop with you rather than your competitors.

2. Add a Pop Up signup box to your website.
Many business owners find the popup box intrusive and feel it may actually send customers away, so we set up a little test of a number of website, and the results were very interesting.
After the first month, the pop up sign up box had increased the mailing list on average by between 750{6ec87bd1e1f3c1887cac0a5fe02e293b57e756ae4f7ab2a5ad1b477841e278b1} – 1200{6ec87bd1e1f3c1887cac0a5fe02e293b57e756ae4f7ab2a5ad1b477841e278b1}, up from the usual 10{6ec87bd1e1f3c1887cac0a5fe02e293b57e756ae4f7ab2a5ad1b477841e278b1} growth. Thats a massive amount of extra mailing list recipients just by adding a pop up signup box, offering a free downloadable guide or simply telling them they will receive emails of value. The popup box actually did not decrease sales from the websites at all. In fact after the third month, utilising the now massive mailing list, sales increased on average by 55{6ec87bd1e1f3c1887cac0a5fe02e293b57e756ae4f7ab2a5ad1b477841e278b1}, and expected to continue to increase!

A popup box does not have to be intrusive to the viewer, with many popup mailing list scripts or plugins allowing you to set the script to popup after a certain time, or when the visitor is about to go to another website, with the box clearly allowing them to click off the box, which won’t be seen again if they return to the site.

3. Integrate your mailing list into Facebook.
Facebook is a great marketing tool, especially if you integrate your mailing list into it, allowing your Facebook followers and their friends to sign up to your mailing list direct from Facebook, without even having to visit your website. Woobox and Mailchimp both have free plugins for Facebook which allow you to add your mailing list in easily. If you run Facebook Ads, you can also use them to drive potential customers directly to your mailing list either on your Facebook page or website. When you factor in the value of your customer retention, this is a very effective and affordable way to market yourself.

Try these handy mailing list tips on your website and watch your mailing list and sales grow fast!

If you want to grow your email marketing list, talk to Smartfish Creative, the Sunshine Coast’s online marketing specialists!

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